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Create Your Own Custom Karaoke Party Package! Choose from the items below or call me to help you design the package that is right for your party and your budget.

Packages start at low as $224.99 for 4 hours.  All Party Packages, including additional hours are reasonable and negotiable based on choices below and your venue's distance from Cedar Grove, NJ. Call or email Dr.Adam now for your FREE quote!



-Karaoke Song Catalog: over 14,000 songs (no midi files, only authentic recordings)

-Full DJ capabilities with a comprehensive DJ Song Catalog: all genres, 1920's-present day, for any crowd, or type of party/occasion.

-2,000 WATT Speakers

-60 WATT 4 Channel monitor amp

-10 Channel Mixer

-Dual Wireless Mics

-Dual Wired Mics

-Mic Stands

-Full LED lighting system

-Laser Lighting with Strobe effects

-Projection Multi-Colored Lighting

-Party Costume Accessories

-Glow sticks / necklaces

-Musical Instruments for guest use (tambourines, maracas, bongos, congas, etc)

-Rock Star Slide Show

-Live singing and percussion performances by Dr.Adam for a friendly interactive experience (Dr.Adam is an expert at kicking off your Karaoke Party and keeping the pulse alive!) 

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