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Karaoke DJ and Karaoke Host 2014-present

Various venues in North New Jersey including private parties (New Year's Eve, Halloween, 4th of July, and Birthdays)



Singer/Live Music Performer 1986-present

schools, bars, and restaurants in New Jersey and NYC, lead vocalist, lead guitarist, pianist, and working knowledge of several other musical instruments.



Special Education teacher 2004-present

NJ Public Schools, High School, English, Social Studies, Math, Science.


Restaurant Host/Server 2001-2004

Applebee's Clifton, NJ (busiest Applebee's world wide)




*References available upon request*

"I have booked Dr.Adam for three 4th of July parties, and several other occasions over the past three years.  He makes everyone comfortable with the karaoke experience and takes your average house party to a whole new level of memorable excitement."  

-Brett S. 

"I asked Dr.Adam to run a karaoke show at a little get together  at my house, and it was a life changing experience.  I never thought I could sing in front of other people and feel good about it!  Book Dr.Adam now for one of the most fun filled nights you'll ever have with your friends."

-Suzanne H

"So much fun! Dr.Adam knows how to get the party started and keep it going!  Now I'm addicted to karaoke. "  -Deanna A.

"I don't even sing, but Dr.Adam somehow makes the karaoke environment friendly and nonthreatening, perfect for everyone." Emily S. 

"Dr.Adam introduced me to karaoke and made my Valenween Party (a type of costume party, Google it, its fun)  off the scale!" -Shawn W.

"I always wanted to sing karaoke, but never had the nerve, Dr.Adam made me feel comfortable enough to at least try.  Now its no big deal for me to sing in front of people and to be honest it feels awesome!  Thanks Dr.Adam!" Emma S. 

"Dr.Adam put on great shows for my guests for the past several New Year's Eve parties I've thrown.  Truly a remarkable showman." - Alfred P. 

"Its been a while since I sang in front of people, I used to sing in high school.  I forgot how much fun it was" Thank you Dr.Adam for the fun night" - Johnny M. 

"I love to sing, but I was really nervous to sing by myself but I asked Dr.Adam to sing with me.  We sang America by Simon and Garfunkel.  Its so empowering to overcome your fears" -Donna M.  

"I've sang in rock bands for years, but as I've gotten older,  became a parent,  I don't get to rock out as much anymore of course.  But karaoke with Dr.Adam was a fun way to get back in touch with that inner rock star" -Ramiro P. 



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